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Who We Are

We are a technology company focused on developing a state of the art trading infrastructure.

By harnessing the true power of the cloud, we have been able to create multiple, independently running modules. Each having the ability to converge into one fully integrated, proprietary trading platform.

We have covered all aspects of trading, including algorithmic generation, data analysis, powerful work stations and trading environments, fund management/certification, web development, search engine optimization and more.

There are generally four main types of individuals that are part of the collective. They cover the full spectrum of trading and technology experience. Each brings with them a unique set of skills that compliments each other. By creating a well-rounded team with these archetypes, the possibilities are endless.


Creator of Systems

Architect of Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Hyper-Converged Clouds


Developer Extraordinaire

Breaking through coding barriers and cracking algorithmic automation.


Data Science Researcher

Pioneering bayesian optimization machine learning analysis, and leveraging technology through computational finance.


Master of Financial Markets

Withstanding high-pressure volatility through fortitude and disciplined trade execution.

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