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  • Working Hours: 08:00-17:00

Luxurious Housing

Have access to a vast network of high-end housing options spread across the world. No long term contacts to keep you in one place. Have the flexibility to live and work the way you want, where you want.

Productive Workflow

Productivity will skyrocket. By being in a comfortable environment and having the ability to switch scenery at a moments notice, you take unnecessary stagnation out of your life.

Convenient Computing

Our powerful computers located in every estate will have the best hardware and software available. By using our dedicated servers, you will always have access to your work machine.


No need to worry about renting a car, and returning it at the end of your stay. Every one of our properties come with a top of the line automobile or two, available for your everyday use.

Air Travel

When you need to change locations, book a flight and we will have a private jet fly you and others anywhere in the world. Travel from location to location and see the world one estate at a time.

Shared Knowledge

Share knowledge with all the guests in the house. We work as a collective, so it only makes sense that we share our knowledge. By empowering another individual, we all benefit.

Built for Productivity

We strive to make our estates as relaxing as possible.

We feel that when you are in a comfortable environment, you become much more creative and your imagination starts to bloom.

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Team Building

The hardest thing is to break out of stagnation. Mix things up and put momentum back in your trading.

When you get in the right zone, your trading abilities exponentially increase.

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Relaxation Destination

As much as we love to work here at Source, we realize the importance of stepping back.

Take a moment for yourself, your family or friends.

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Our Process

  • Sign Up & Explore
  • Dreams & Reality
  • Custom Workspace
  • Do It All Over Again

Once you sign up for Source Estates, you will be given access our website and app to start exploring your options. Have the ability to view our current properties, automobiles, flights and dedicated workspace options. You gain access to our information exchange server so you have the ability to see who is at each property. Plan your trips around learning from individuals who possess the knowledge you are seeking.

Customize your entire experience from start to end. Take your dream journey and bring it to fruition. We have estates spanning across the globe, simply click the one you want and book it. There is no need to choose the range of dates you plan on staying. Just specify the desired start date, and leave when you feel like it. We do not require a minimum stay because we want you to feel like your at home! There is a surplus of available flight options traveling all over the world. You decide the destination and type of plane you want to fly in, and we make it happen.

We want your work environment to be as comfortable as possible. Instead of bringing your work computer everywhere you go, we bring it to you.

Upon joining Source Estates, you will receive a fully customized Source PC. With a Source PC, any computer can be used to connect to your own remote desktop hosted in our data center. This results in the ability to have a 1000 MB (1GB) per second uninterrupted connection to the internet, a massive amount of computer cores, along with plenty of RAM, and unlimited SSD storage to power any software and automation to satisfy enterprise clients and enthusiast’s needs. Because your custom workstation is hosted on the cloud, traveling becomes a breeze.

Once you feel like you’ve learned everything you could from the network of traders at the house you’re staying at, check the information exchange server to see where other members of the team are. Once you’ve located a new destination, book a flight on Source Jets and a new journey awaits you.


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